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How we can help

We Value Relationships

The key to our business is our relationships. Our greatest asset is, and will always be, our relationships with our clients and our referrers.

The elements that drive this are:


We are here to help you achieve the prosperity and results you want. Our role is to support, and where sought or necessary, provide you with legal and commercial guidance as to how to achieve your business aims in the most time and cost efficient manners.


Significant economies are obtained from lawyers having deep knowledge of their client’s business. This allows for us, as your lawyers, to provide more strategic, precise and astute advice which will be delivered through the knowledge we have about you and your business. This, in turn, drives efficiency in turnaround time and in the cost of the advice. Getting to know your commercial drivers is second nature to us.


We strive for enduring relationships with our clients, not “one-off” matters. Our focus is on developing a long-term connection between your business and ours based on mutual trust, respect and honesty.


Our business does not exist without your business. We will always act in your best interests legally and commercially, and your success will be the focal point around which all of our advice and services will be delivered.


When presented with a commercial issue or problem, we will take responsibility with you for the creation of a bespoke solution. Collaboration is key. We bring our experiences, expertise, perspectives and understanding and will work with you to drive successful legal and commercial results.


The Principals of our firm are highly experienced and skilled commercial lawyers. They will be the people responsible to you for the work done for you and will, at all times, be highly engaged in your matters. We strive to generate value. It is not your responsibility to pay for us to educate junior lawyers. Nor is it your role to pay for inefficient or ineffective work done. We will judiciously resource matters so as to ensure that you are only charged for legal work that provides you with true value and return for what is done. Furthermore, as a boutique firm, we have more flexibility to offer alternative fee structures in appropriate circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.


We will strive to come to understand your business, how you see it, where you want it to go, the market in which you trade and the challenges you face. Our advice can only achieve its full value for you with a deep level of knowledge about how your business operates. 


We strive at all times to provide “business-ready” advice. We will articulate clearly the sometimes complex legal and commercial issues that may arise. At all times, all advice we provide will be in a form that can be quickly and effectively implemented. We regard clear communication as being key to our relationships and to the management of mutual expectations with our clients and referrers.


In addition to being leaders of the firm, our principals also share a deep and long-standing friendship. We have no rivalries or professional jealousies. We pride ourselves on avoiding egotism, whilst maintaining professionalism and quality in our approach to our work, and to each other. Each of our Principals have made a commitment to each other that the sole focus of the firm is on the delivery at the highest level of its services to our clients. We work with each other to achieve this.